Yearly Membership Junior


From 10 to 17 years of age.

Looking to develop some hands-on experience and knowledge about engineering. Why not start out with joining us by learning the ins and outs of a steam engine and how a railway is run. Skills that will pave the way to your future and interests by learning the past.

First, contact us and visit us to ensure the railway is right for you and your family.
It allows you to see what we get up to and if it is something you would enjoy.

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Whether you want to be an active member or are happy to simply pay and watch from your armchair as we post pictures of our progress to Facebook. We need your membership regardless!

Your membership will give you free rides on the railway, the ability to help us run and build the railway, attend members only event days, access to a wealth of club member knowledge on loco building & operation and the opportunity to have your miniature boilers tested by our club boiler inspectors!


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