Meet the Fleet

SRS stafford 0-4-0st 1311 'tihany'

Built by station road steam in august of 2011 as works number 1311 with vacuum braking equipment and chime whistle, walcharts valve gear, 2 injectors, 120psi boiler. It has had several owners over the years being but in 2019 it was purchased by Nick Walmsley who is a friend of the club. In 2020 he sold Tihany to the Whitwell & Reepham Model Engineering Club as our first club owned locomotive. This our primary operating steam engine, expect to see her on most of our operating dates

lner k2 4698 'loch ranoch'

This is a model of an LNER K2 class locomotive built in 1993 by J T Drury in Coventry, who built 3 more similar locomotives. Loch Rannoch has a steel boiler with copper tubes and a working pressure of 90 PSI, 2 injectors, cast iron cylinders with automatic drain cocks, Wallcharts valve gear with stick lever, mechanical steam lubricator and is fitted with vacuum brake equipment.

Currently undergoing overhaul, expected back mid 2024

top field light railway zoe anja

bridget 0-4-2T 'zoe anja'

One of Ken Swans most popular designs of locomotives, this charming little engine is known as the bridget class. This is owned by Ken Swales and recently overhauled by Daniel Mason, currently operational.

scamp 71 "kenny"

This small yet mighty locomotive is a petrol / electric driven scamp, designed by Colin Edmundson. Powered by a lincoln 97cc engine, a regular performer on all manner of trains. Owned and built by Rio Kent & Jamie Kent.