top field light railway minaiture mayhem gala
top field light railway traction engine
top field light railway at grand henham steam rally 2019


The Whitwell & Reepham Model Engineering Club was formed in the 2016.
Whitwell and Reepham Model Engineering Club. is only here because of the support of our volunteers, the membership they pay goes directly to our yearly insurance costs the materials we use to build the track and the coal we burn to fuel the steam loco’s.
Whether you want to be an active member or are happy to simply pay and watch from your armchair as we post pictures of our progress to Facebook. We need your membership regardless!
Your membership will give you free rides on the railway, the ability to help us run and build the railway, attend members only event days, access to a wealth of club member knowledge on loco building & operation and the opportunity to have your miniature boilers tested by our club boiler inspectors!

So don’t hesitate to click on the link to buy your membership.

We are always welcome donations so if you would like to support the club you can always donate to the club by clicking on the link for our donation page, every penny helps!

Our aims and objectives

The Whitwell & Reepham Model Engineering Club will, support all forms of engineering with the aim of sharing and developing new skills related to model engineering to attract people of all ages to the activity. The club shall also construct, operate and maintain the TOP FIELD LIGHT RAILWAY utilising traditional railway practices and rules for the benefit of all railway enthusiasts and for the enjoyment of the general public.

Membership can be applied for through this website.


Your membership fee for each new year falls due on 1st January but can be renewed from the previous October onwards – the renewal can be taken on line from the website. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU RENEW in any case before 28th February or you will not be insured or eligible for the benefits listed.

Fees applicable for that year. Each member must pay the fee for his/her age group.

The membership fees cover the running of the Club – insurance, rates, fabric maintenance, administration expenses and the like. All improvement and new-build projects are the result of fund-raising.

Membership benefit :

  • On-site insurance
  • Unlimited free travel on the railway
  • Involvement in the railway
  • Help out with portable events
  • Use of the track
  • Attendance at the running days
  • Boiler testing
  • Free coal and water when your loco runs at TFLR
  • Attendance at TFLR published events
  • The quarterly Newsletter

Monthly running days at the Top Field Light Railway site

The monthly running days run on the 1st Sunday of each month from April to October. AGM is held in January.

Events at the Top Field Light Railway site

Are events what we hold are the miniature mayhem gala which will be on the first Sunday of the month in July were we have locomotive come in to go on display or operate constant services also we operate a busy train service in august during the Whitwell and Reepham railway steam rally. Another one of are event is the Easter running day in April. These events are our major fund-raisers and we need ALL hands on deck for each of these days are their our money streams from ride tickets, shop sales and donations.

Donations of materials, tools and workshop equipment are always most welcome, but please do not expect disposal of old tellies, computers, stereos, etc. If you are not sure, have a word with either Chairman Rob Ewles before bringing anything.



Members of other societies come occasionally to run their locomotives. Usually this is by general invitation. Likewise, our members can visit other organisations to run or exhibit their engines. Dates are published at in our calendar or Facebook.

PLEASE NOTE that junior members, non-members and members who have not paid their subs are not insured to haul passengers.

Locomotive driving

Your locomotive, when hauling public passengers, MUST have the following :

  • a safety chain or cable between the power unit and the driving car, independent of the main coupling
  • (steam) a current boiler certificate
  • (steam) an efficient spark-arrester (not a deflector) in the main exhaust flow
  • effective brakes on the driving car, capable of stopping a loaded train
  • an adult driver with paid-up membership

Before you take passengers, please become familiar with the track, as there are some sharp inclines and places where inexperience could cause an accident. Some corners are blind because of trees and of course, wet weather alters the dynamics of starting and stopping considerably.

Safety at all times

Boiler testing for steam locomotives of all gauges is an insurance requirement and you are not allowed to run an un-passed locomotive.


We work under the BR single line token system, whereby the Driver must be in possession of the token/staff to enter the single line. The Signalman at Mill Lane is in control of the mainline and any sidings within the station limits.

Protecting your train If you have to stop other than at a signal or in the station, then you must protect the rear of your train. Do this by raising a hand to any following driver and shouting / hooting if they haven’t seen you. Following drivers please raise a hand to acknowledge.

The Signalman has the final say on any movements within his jurisdiction and is only answerable to the Duty Responsible Officer and the W&RMEC Management Committee.