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Boiler Tests

boiler tests

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To get our locomotives ready for a year of steaming, we have to do an annual boiler examination.

These tests are split into two parts, part 1 is the dry examination. Which means the locomotives boiler has to be washed out so all limescale is pressure washed out of the boiler allowing the locomotive to steam better. The boiler inspector needs all washout plugs off the loco so he can examine what the tubes and plate work quality is in the boiler.

The second part of this examination is to hydraulically pump water into the boiler to check for leaks or cracks in the boiler under pressure. The last part of the boiler examination is the steam exam. This quite simply means, the locomotive boiler is steamed to full pressure to make sure the boiler works safely and well under steam and ensure the safety valves are set to correctly to blow of at the right pressure.

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