Getting Ready Permeant Way

Permeant way

Also over the 26/27th of march weekend saw a fair bit of track work. Sleepers were replaced along older sections of the line, points oiled and repaired for this season and parts of track bed were repacked to make a smoother ride. Stored sections of rail amongst other things were moved around and tidied up to look more presentable. The coal bunker was relocated closer to the steaming bays to make coaling up easier as well as making space for the new shed to be built. When you return to the line you will notice several new things such as the temporally new station at the top of the line “roman road” to allow easier access to the public to the railway. Don’t worry musnt grumble will remain as a request stop and a memorial to Alan Baker. As well as possible stop for a possible new attraction. And at mill lane a new shed has been built to store Stuart Hughes collection of rollingstock. This has made an interesting featuring on the line especially as it has new TFLR notice boards on the side in the style of M&GN boards as well as other railway themed signs.

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